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Create your happy.


What is happiness?

Happiness is a feeling we’ve all felt, an emotion we instinctually recognise and a word that needs neither a definition nor an introduction. 


We all seek to live a happy life and yet we stumble through an unhappy one often in denial either because we don’t know how to handle the subject of happiness or because no one ever told us that it is possible to inculcate happiness into our life with conscious effort. 


What makes you happy is a question worth examining so that you can create happiness for yourself rather than hoping it comes your way.

Can we create happiness?



Similar to anger and sadness, happiness is an emotion we experience. If you think about it, you’ll notice that anger arises in you in different situations but all those situations meet a similar set of criteria. 


Happiness is no different. The things that make you happy have some common characteristics that you can recognise and recreate over and over to experience happiness. Happy people tend to have habits the regular practice of which engenders situations and results that make them feel cheerful.



Habits play a decisive role not only on the journey to success but also to happiness. A habit constitutes an action that makes a small difference in the short-term but a monumental one in the long-term. They give direction to your thoughts, provide you a system to follow and produce the results you seek in your daily life.

The right habits enhance your mood, bolster your physical, mental and emotional health, make you more productive and allow you to get the most out of your life. 

What is happ

I've been a reader of Deepti for a long time and thus, I'm no longer surprised by the insights I find in her work because it happens so regularly that it’s the least I've come to expect from her. 

She doesn't peddle generic 'feel good' and copy-pasted 'tips to think positive' to fill up a page. She talks about positivity but peppers it with a generous dose of rationality. She doesn't sugarcoat to make life look easy but somehow still manages to uplift and give you hope without letting you feel entitled to whatever you desire. In a world of filters and misleading quotes, her words are like a breath of fresh air that heals you of the BS found on social media.

Her articles are filled with so much value that the final product is a lot more than the sum of its parts which is why I have a separate notebook in my Evernote app that's filled with annotated screenshots from her posts on Instagram.

Not just me, even my mother loves her writing! 

Shibani Chattopadhyay; Entrepreneur 
Too many humans make her dizzy, has a wacky sense of humour and calls sleeping a hobby!



A breath of fresh air

Shibani Chattopadhyay


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