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Four 1-Hour Sessions that give you proven tools needed to believe in yourself

Why self-belief?

We were taught many things in childhood but not taught how to believe in ourselves, an essential life skill.

By spending just 4 hours learning to practise tools I provide, you'll become a more confident version of yourself.




1hr/every Sunday from 1-22 May


Recorded sessions


What people say

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The time I spent learning from Deepti helped me see my potential and instilled self-belief in me, qualities I need to figure out my next career move- Sabha Khan, Sales Executive


Deepti's sessions have changed the way I see myself and what I can accomplish in my life.- Shibani Chattopadhyay, Digital Artist 

Who is it for

College Students: Building self-belief at this age sets you up for success in both your career and personal relationships.

Recent Graduates: Having a strong sense of belief in yourself will give you an upper hand over your peers trying hard to impress recruiters but lacking faith in themselves.

Working professionals with 1-3 years of experience: Belief in yourself will empower you to voice yourself in front of senior leaders, put yourself forward when opportunities come up and negotiate your pay and benefits confidently because you are aware of your worth.

People who feel their lack of confidence hinders their performance at work: When you know how to control the voice in your head that's constantly pulling you down, you are able to step out of your comfort zone and shine, attracting both attention and rewards. 

People who want to date or find a partner but feel bogged down by pressure in social situations: When you begin to feel good about yourself, you worry less about what others think and are comfortable being yourself which makes you attractive.

Contents of the workshop

Overcome feeling of unworthiness because of your physical appearance and learn to build self-esteem

Week 2

Understand what it takes to conquer your fears and live bravely.

Learn more about the voice in your head (your inner critic) and how to change into a more positive one.

Discover your strengths and learn to use them to build confidence.

Week 1

Week 3

Week 4


This workshop is for you if want to:

  • Look in the mirror and feel good about yourself

  • Stand up for your decisions in front of your parents

  • Study and work in a foreign country

  • Put yourself forward on dating apps with confidence

  • Stop comparing your life with those of others 

  • Not be bothered about what others think of you

  • Take up opportunities at work that previously made you uncomfortable

  • Fearlessly share your ideas and opinions with colleagues at work 

  • Attend events with senior leaders in your organisation with poise and conviction

Success Stories


Deepti helped me see new possibilities and realise how important it is to have self-confidence even when others doubt you. - Radhika Patil, Compliance Manager 


Talking to Deepti helped me overcome self-doubt and understand that I had it in me to realise my dreams.- Akansha Yadav, Student

Meet your Coach

Hi! I’m Deepti. I started out by studying Engineering, taking up a corporate job after graduation and settling into a conventional life. But I did not feel either happy or satisfied working in a traditional 9-5 and realised early on that no amount of money would be enough to keep me there.


Why had I gone down the traditional path in the first place? And why aren’t we taught to chase dreams bigger than stable jobs? I began to invest in personal growth and development, and share my writings on the subject with people online. 


My journey helped me acquire knowledge and skills I needed to challenge the way we are taught to think, break out of boxes we live in and create more success without sacrificing happiness in the process.


I did not set out to be a Life Coach but it was a role that fit me to the T. Today I work with Entrepreneurs and passionate individuals hungry to live a life bigger than the one they have been taught to aspire for.


If you’re one of them, you’re in the right place. You will find here, the tools and support you need to conquer your fears and create a life you have only dreamed of. Welcome aboard! 

Self-belief gave me the courage to:

  • Decline a job offer from an MNC after graduation to figure out my passion

  • Try out several areas of work such as Fundraising, Sales, Project Management amongst others before deciding on a career

  • Leave a good life in London behind to start afresh in India

  • Start my journey as an entrepreneur after working as an employee for 8 years

  • Stay unmarried in the face of enormous pressure 

  • Put myself out there on social media even though I grew up shy​

Self-belief is the foundation you can stand on and do things you never thought possible.

Don't take my word, hear it from people like you


Deepti's coaching helped me believe in myself, something I needed to do to overcome personal challenges- Sowbarnika Sudharsan, Professional

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-25 at 10.21.29 PM.jpeg

Deepti gave me a vision to follow and wake up everyday for. I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without her support.- Khushi Sharma, Student

Scrolling past is your default behaviour due to excessive use of social media.

Your brain is likely to default to it again. Pause and take a moment to realise how much of a difference self-belief will make to your life. It’s time to take action.


When does the workshop start and end?

Start date:    1 May

End date:     22 May

Timing:        12:00 - 1.00 p.m. every Sunday (1- 22 May)

Will the sessions be live? Will recordings be available in case you miss it? 

The workshop will be held in 4 live sessions but recordings will also be available till 30 June 2022.

In case you've made the payment but did not get a confirmation email.

Please send an email to along with a screenshot of the payment confirmation.

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