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Deepti Malhotra

My story

I grew up in New Delhi in the 1990s, which was at the time a sleepy city devoid of social media and smartphones. I was a quiet and observant child who spent a lot of time looking at the night sky and having conversations with the universe, which I hoped, was listening to me. 


Something that I did early on, even before I became a teenager, was question the purpose of my life. Everyone seemed to be living the same kind of life that was hard to distinguish from each other’s and I didn’t understand what was the point of it all. Alas, I did not find answers to my questions before I became an adult.


At 25, I was living in London, working as a Project Manager at a big company, vacationing around Europe, had a beautiful relationship going and was set as far as conventional expectations go. Deep inside though, I remained unsatisfied and could not shake off the feeling that something was missing. The nagging feeling I had felt as a child to seek more out of life kept poking and thus, in spite of the picture-perfect life my mind was not at peace and my heart was unfulfilled. 


Then by a twist of fate or what I now choose to see as fortune before I could turn 26, my job, relationship and ‘the good life’ vanished as a bubble does on popping. I felt heartbroken, confused and utterly lost. It was at that time when I found myself in a pit so deep that I couldn’t tell what lay beyond, I began to question everything I had known and accepted all my life.


My fall inspired me to redefine everything from my values to definitions of happiness and success and build a new life that was my own doing for the very first time. 

Why I do what I do

It is my ikigai, my reason to wake up every morning and to live.


And this is why I ask you if your heart doesn’t feel fulfilled when you go to bed every day, how long do you think you’ll be able to keep going? What is everything you do and go through worth? What is the point of life if there’s no joy to be found in it?


Human beings tend to connect to stories more than statistics or research studies, and thus, I use the tool of storytelling to teach you The Art of Happiness. My stories are derived from my own life and nature, an eternal source of inspiration for me.


I’m not a guru who is going to bullshit you into believing I have answers to all your problems. I don’t but you DO. I’ll teach you how to find them, and to create a joyful life for yourself as you go along.

So come with me, let’s get down to figuring out the workings of happiness.

If you want to build a strong sense of belief in yourselves, check out my workshop starting May 1st.

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