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Are you good enough?

The one question some of us ask ourselves a lot. What is the right answer?

In response to a quiz I put up on my IG stories yesterday, I was surprised to see how many of you responded saying you think about this so often.

Then as if the universe was conspiring to get me to write about it something else happened. I received a call from someone who has recently been given a huge opportunity. She’s been asked to perform in front of the biggest crowd of her life yet including the media. She went and asked her manager if she was deserving enough of the opportunity. Something he said convinced her that she wasn’t. So she called me up and said it’s unfair that she got the opportunity if she’s not worthy.

Here’s what you need to do next time the question ‘am I good enough’ arises:

1) Know that you’re not alone and way too many people doubt themselves just like you. Michelle Obama couldn’t stop asking herself this question for a good part of her life. Look where she is today.

Self-doubt is normal BUT there’s a BUT. Follow step 2.

2) Many people believe that life is unfair. Honestly I think it doesn’t matter. I’m of the opinion that whatever and whoever you meet on your path was meant for you. So if you face the biggest OBSTACLES, it’s because YOU WERE MEANT TO OVERCOME THEM and experience the metamorphosis only your struggles could have brought about.

And when an OPPORTUNITY knocks on your door, irrespective of how much doubt you’re brimming with, accept it and run with it. Sometimes life is unfair because you’ll not get what you deserve but it’s also very generous on other occasions when you’ll get a lot more than you deserve.

Why waste time questioning your worthiness? Why spend your energy doubting yourself when it can be converted into using the opportunity to do things you’ve dreamed all your life about?

An opportunity will not ask for your permission before knocking on your door and it will not ask for your permission before leaving either.

So please take all your self-doubt, crumple it and throw it out of the window. This world is your oyster but YOU are your BIGGEST OBSTACLE. Get out of your way, believe in yourself and go fulfil your dreams. You hear me?

#dreams #selfdoubt #opportunity

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