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Are your dreams your own?

Our thoughts, ideas, fears and lives are often borrowed without us realising so. At least let your dreams be your own.

The beautiful thing about being a human being is that we possess a mind with the ability to imagine and we get to define the scale of our imagination. Unfortunately though our mind is like a sponge that absorbs everything it sees and often the dreams that it dreams are inspired by the surroundings it grew up in.

Let me give you some context. How often do you hear that the child of a lawyer became an athlete or that of a singer became a scientist? Not often, right? It’s because we unknowingly box ourselves by defining our world around all that we have seen in our lives. What we desire is very similar to what we know.

Till a certain age, I dreamed the dreams people around me grew up working towards. I viewed the world through their eyes and worked to similar goals. I heard people talk about them all the time and that is what I thought my life was meant to be about until life decided to break the box I was living in and expose me to a new dream.

That was the day I realised that I had been wasting my life living someone’s else dreams. My dreams had to not only feel authentic to me but also fit the skills and talents I possessed.

Your dream must inspire in you love, passion, joy and desperation unlike anything else. I’m not making this stuff up but talking from my own experiences. I have stood in the shoes of a person trying their best to get through life, to become someone, to attain success, and to get it right according to the formula ingrained into us all our life.

But I realised at some point that the only way to get it right is to first discover the dream that lights a fire in our belly, that is unique to us, that an invisible force is always pushing us to work for, and that feels right to our heart and not just our mind. When you find that dream no one will have to tell you to wake up and go to work because you’ll be on your way every morning because that’s how much you’ll be motivated to realise it.

That dream EXISTS somewhere inside you. If you haven’t found it yet don’t stop looking. You deserve to live a life of passion, joy and love. You’re capable of it all.

Break out of the boxes you live in. Let not what you have seen all your life define the shape and size of your dreams but let what you haven’t seen and can only imagine be the source. You can conjure up the life that only dreams are made of but for that you must FIRST DREAM.

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