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HAPPINESS is realising that every one of your weaknesses can be fixed.

Weaknesses are qualities we possess and they aren't engraved in stone. It isn't easy but every weakness can be worked upon so that it can, one day, become a strength.

PC: John Doyle

A recent morning I woke up feeling disappointed with myself. I hadn’t been able to keep up with my expectations and goals, and my work wasn’t producing the results I sought. A causal comment someone made about me only made things worse. And just like that I felt convinced that I was failing to fulfil my potential and would end up distraught, and I’ll have no one but myself to blame.

After beating myself up for a couple of hours I decided to make a list of my weaknesses. I wrote down things I suck at and cried as I did. Accepting that I had many weaknesses, some of which had been with me for most of my life was hard but I did it. 

Our weaknesses
An incomplete list of my weaknesses

But I didn’t stop there. I made a list of my strengths next. 

I noticed that my strengths not just outnumbered my weaknesses but were twice as many. 

Moreover when I looked at my weaknesses again, it dawned on me that each one of them was FIXABLE. There wasn’t one that I wasn’t capable of overcoming.

I told you this story because I bet it happens to you too. A causal comment or a small failure convinces you that you’re good at nothing. When that happens:

1) Let your inner critic talk. Let it have its say but don’t let it be the LAST ONE TO SPEAK. The one that speaks at the end must be a POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING voice because it’ll influence your attitude for days to come.

2) Remind yourself this: no weakness is so big that it can’t be overcome. Having things you don’t like about yourself is a GOOD THING. It allows you to learn and flourish into someone you look up to right now.

If you’re impatient, you can learn to be patient. If you’re lazy, you can learn to work hard. If you’re unsure of yourself, you can work on your confidence. There is nothing you can’t change if you set your heart and mind on it.

You’re imperfect because that’s how God willed you to be. The journey from your imperfect self to a more glorious one begins from where you currently stand. Lift your head, embrace your weaknesses and step forward. The world is your oyster.


If you’re struggling like I was, make a list. And see for yourself that everything you dislike is changeable. You’re imperfect but still pretty frisking awesome! :)

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