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Get your shit together because your life is your responsibility.

The question to ask yourself is not what went wrong or has life been fair to you till now but what are you doing about it NOW?

For a long time, like most people I know and have observed, I blamed my upbringing, culture, and conditioning (the way you’re taught to think and perceive everything you observe, read and hear) for things that didn’t go right in my life. I could pick up any and every problem and point my finger at someone or something as being responsible for it.

This continued till it dawned upon me that nothing will ever change by blaming others for my problems. Yes, up till a certain age we are dependent on others for everything and thus, our life is shaped to a large degree by their words and decisions but that is not the case forever. And it is SO IMPORTANT to realise this, that after a point of time, you have control over your life and what you do with it.

If a team is continuously losing matches and every single time the captain sits down and finds somebody to blame for it, such a captain will never be able to change the fate of her/his team. Similarly, YOU are the CAPTAIN of your LIFE.

It doesn’t matter what happened to you in the past or what cards you’ve been dealt with, what matters is what you’re doing about it NOW.

Bad things happen to everybody without exception but not everyone comes out of it as strong and wise. It is because not everyone is willing to accept that in spite of their circumstances they have the ability to change things in their favour.

So next time something goes wrong, CONTROL THE URGE TO BLAME. It will take practise but is certainly doable. Shifting responsibility to someone else NEVER CHANGES ANYTHING. And you want to change, don’t you? You want to be happier, healthier and more successful, right? Then take responsibility which means get to work and see how you can best solve the problem rather than trying to find out who started it.

Tony Robbins once said, if you blame others for everything bad in your life then you must give them all the credit too. He was ON POINT because the credit must be given to the same person who is blamed.

It doesn’t matter how bad things are. Stop pointing fingers. Rise, take responsibility and change your life. It was and will always be up to YOU.

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