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HAPPINESS is a feeling called HOME.

Home is not simply a place but a feeling that we can recreate for ourselves wherever we go, and experience the joy that comes from feeling at home.

The smell of my favourite cake baking in the oven.

The taste of milk infused with turmeric and honey early in the morning.

The sound of clouds bursting and rain smashing my windows.

The sight of sunlight lighting up spaces early in the morning.

The smell of petrichor.

The touch of a blanket that I bundle up in before I go to sleep.

The desk that is my sanctuary and where I do my writing.

The smell of a new book.

The smiles of people I cross paths with everyday even though we rarely have a conversation.

Sunday mornings.


Spotting squirrels and parrots.

The quietude of early mornings.

A full moon night.

The festival of lights.

An honest compliment from someone who liked my work.

People who make fun of me because they love me.

Friends I can make fun of and know that they understand.



Conversations with God.


These are just some of the things that make me at home. Because home isn’t a place, it is a feeling, a feeling that we have the ability to create for ourselves irrespective of where we live, how humble our lifestyle is and how many or few people care about us.

Irrespective of how big your achievements are, you seek to come home at the end of it all. Irrespective of how small your circle of friends maybe, you seek to make yourself at home with them. Why? Because home isn’t a place, it is a feeling.

We’re blessed with the ability to create a home for ourselves wherever we go irrespective of our circumstances. Find things you love. Do them often. Prioritise joy over social approval. Be honest, more than you usually are. Listen to your heart. Respect what it tells you. Do the right thing. Be kind. Forgive when you can and when you can’t, try to not let bitterness seep into your heart. Give when you can, however little you can. Smile. Be grateful. And appreciate the numerous things that make you feel at home because a home isn’t a place.

It is the feeling you get when you are somewhere or with someone or doing something. And you can create your home wherever you go. The universe is your oyster. :)

That’s why they say home is where the heart is. What constitutes home for you?

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