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HAPPINESS is coming up with your own definitions of beauty and strength.

If we're always trying to fit into the definition of beauty and strength fed to us all our lives, we may never fit in.

The world we grow up in has rigid definitions of both beauty and strength that are fed into our minds and reinforced every single day. As a result, if we do not fit into those definitions we begin to look at ourselves through the eyes of this world instead of our own.

The one thing I always wish to possess is my own vision, independent of and unconditioned by the world I live in. It’s what would make me, me. And thus I came up with my own definitions of beauty and strength.

Beauty to me is the ability to be human above everything else and to come from a place of love and kindness. Money can buy us many things including those that could make us physically attractive no matter what our age but I happen to believe that such beauty is fickle irrespective of how well admired it may be in this world.

I look around me and see people trying to fit into so many definitions yet struggling with it throughout their lives. And then there are those, dancing in their existence, loving themselves and being beautifully human. They are vulnerable, wrinkled, freckled, carry their emotions in their eyes, are open to the world around them and not trying to be anything other than who they are. They make me smile and wish to be more like them.

Strength to me, is the ability to look at the world with eyes full of wonder and joy no matter how difficult things get. I truly believe that it does not matter whether I live till 50 or 90 as long as I fill the years I am alive with moments of celebration, love and kindness. No matter what happens, there’ll still be a blue sky, families of trees and birds, rainy days and rainbows, the mellifluous wind and the gorgeous sun to admire and seek solace in. I wish to remember that this world doesn’t revolve around me and if I can carry gratitude and an ounce of joy in my heart, life will be alright, I will be alright.

When I look at me, I want to see someone whose beautiful and strong no matter what this world tells her.

There’s only one of me and I want her to be worthy of my own love and respect. Thus, I aspire to embody my own definitions instead of those that this world came up with.

How do you define beauty and strength?

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