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HAPPINESS is experiencing the joys of a simple life.

Life isn’t complicated, we make it whatever it becomes. Simple is beautiful, simple is joyful and simple is a choice we can make if we wish so.

There is a page called Humans of New York (on Facebook and Instagram) that publishes human stories. The other day I was reading a story about a man who looked like he must be in his 60’s talking about his life. He goes to the gym everyday, the same one he has been using for 40 years, follows it up with a long walk, takes his grandchildren out on weekends to explore a new neighborhood, likes to eat outdoors and buys stuff he needs at thrift shops.

That was his story. Nothing unique or fascinating right? But I haven’t told you the last line yet. It was “When I’m heading home at night, sometimes I think that I’ve just had the best day of my life.” And looking at his smile in the picture, I knew he was telling his truth.

I disagree with people who say life is complicated. Life isn’t complicated, we make it whatever it becomes. I related with this man so much that I wanted to share his story with you. Just like him, some of the best days of my life entail nothing new or special but doing simple things. A morning walk or standing on my home’s terrace listening to birdsong or music coming from temples, mosques and gurudwaras nearby, feeling the rain on my skin, composing a beautiful poem, having a good workout. These simple things have often left my heart full and eyes watery. There is so much joy to be felt in them, its unbelievable.

It’s not a coincidence that the most valuable things in life can’t be bought but accessed if you’re mindful and willing.

We’re too busy spending our precious life on materialistic things, relationships that mean little, jobs that only bring home more money and give us no satisfaction.

As a result, there comes a day when life feels complicated and too much of a mess. Guess what? We get ourselves into that mess.

The good thing is that it’s not difficult to live a simple life. You have to decide and begin to focus on simpler things and slowly life sorts itself out for you.

Money can’t buy you happiness. Neither can too many friends. A simple life though, most definitely. It’s blissful in a way that I know nothing else to be. Give it a try. :)


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