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HAPPINESS is keeping your EGO in check & realising there’s always more to the story than you realise

When you feel angry or unhappy, it's good to realise that your ego causes you to feel the way you do and looking at the bigger picture might change your mind.

I recently attended a wedding of a close relative so was privy to the discussions happening behind the scenes, the preparations that went into preparing for multiple events and the evolving family dynamics which directly affected the celebrations. I came away having learnt an unusual lesson.

Everyone truly believes that they’re intelligent and right in their views, and thus, their wishes and needs must be honoured. Irrespective of age, gender, and cultural differences, I’ve found that most people live their lives expecting to be treated a certain way and for their views to be taken into consideration.

When there are many people with differing views, this comes forth even more than usual. And as egos get hurt, people withdraw into their shells and sulk.

We are all SO convinced about our own importance and how we must be treated, that we are waiting to feel disrespected or ignored. While our viewpoints may actually be valid and accurately present one side of the story, the key thing to ALWAYS remember is that our story is ONLY one side of the story.

I’ve made the mistake many times myself. We become so arrogant about being right that we fail to rise above our situation and appreciate the bigger picture. What keeps us rooted to our position? OUR EGO. Most of us carry an ego around, however unaware we may be of it.

Life has humbled me and brought me to my to my toes more than a few times and that has taught me this:

The universe does not revolve around me or my needs. Neither does it, around you or your needs.

When things don’t go your way, don’t take it personally. That’s the easiest way to keep your ego in check. Every time you get hurt or angry, it’s NOT YOU but YOUR EGO which feels the emotions you experience. And ego ruins both our happiness and peace of mind.

Humility is a hard learnt lesson and even harder to practise but one that brings immense happiness. If things are not going your way, just let it be. Life and other people have no obligation to please you. Focus on being your best self, being kind and mindful of your actions because happiness is a choice. And when your ego acts and decides how you feel, that choice ceases to exist.

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