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HAPPINESS is NOT letting your past become an EXCUSE for a unsatisfying future.

Own up to your mistakes, learn from them but refuse to be defined by them.

I'm human and I make mistakes. Some of them bigger than others in spite of doing my best. I guess you do too.

Have you noticed that big mistakes often become baggage (regret, shame, guilt, anger) that you carry within long after the mistake was committed? In instances when you’ve successfully dealt with the negative emotions and gotten rid of them, there are people who remind you of your mistakes and label you on their basis even though years may have passed.

They go as far as using those mistakes to tell you that you’re not capable or as smart as you think, that you’re aiming too high, that you should take the safe route, and that you should follow their advise as opposed to your own instincts.

In all of the above instances, do this:

Ignore those people because they are doubters who bring their own insecurities to you and claim you can’t do it too.

Own up to your mistakes with pride, accept you were wrong but you’ve learnt from them.

Then refuse to be defined by them.

Just because you were wrong once, twice or a few times does not mean you will be wrong every time. And just because you’ve made more mistakes than others does not mean you can’t get things right.

The past is one thing. It is NOT your ENTIRE life. So don’t let the world convince you to think you’re a failure on the basis of your PAST.

Stand up for yourself, hold your head high and f*ing BELIEVE in your ability to create the future you seek.

And then work your arse off for the future you believe in. Remind yourself that EPIC FAILURES lead to EPIC SUCCESSES. Those who don’t have the heart to fail big can’t succeed big either.

Be it Steve Jobs or J K Rowling, they refused to bow down to their past and went on to create a future most around them could not picture them in. YOU can too, however disappointing your past may have been.

TO-DO: Write down something from your past that still haunts you and the lessons it taught you. Now visualise a new future for your smarter and wiser self. Do it everyday for 10 mins till you believe it like you do 1+ 1 = 2.

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