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If we are all FREE to be happy, why are so many of us not?

The freedom to live a joyful life is a right available to everyone but most of us never learn to truly exercise it.

A girl whose arms are spread wide open and feels free to make her life choices.

What do you most miss about your life before Corona put you under lockdown? What are the things that you will first want to do when life returns to normal again?

While you are restricted to the four walls of your house, unable to go out as you wish and live each day as you desire, I hope you’ve had the time to think about the value of ‘freedom’. Like much else in life, we take our freedom for granted so much so that it doesn’t even cross our mind that we are free beings who possess the chance to truly do whatever we want but instead we spend our lives on stuff that makes little difference if at all any in the long-term.

Do the people you love, respect and value you? Does the job you toil so hard for fulfil you and make you look forward to it the next morning? Do the friends you spend time hanging out with have your back? Are the goals you’re working towards worth the years you’re spending on chasing them?

Is the money in your bank account enough to satiate your desire for wealth? Is the number of friends on your profile big enough to make you feel popular? Are the clothes in your closet enough to quench your vanity? Or do you still want more?

You’re free to befriend and love anyone you want and go to work anywhere you want. You’re free to invest your time and attention on things that make your life worth waking up to. And yet haven’t you made some (or many) choices that you struggle to keep up with because they drain you of your emotions and energy?

What is the worth of your freedom then? Are you really FREE if you can’t make choices that empower you to live a happy life?

Corona is but a tool of the universe and one of its objectives is to help you realise the worth of your life and the limitless possibilities it holds.

Life is unpredictable and can change quickly. Before you go back to living the life you once did, ask yourself:

Since you’re free to do whatever you like, how do you wish to use your freedom? Will you while it away and look back in regret at a life that could have been or realise that the freedom to create something magnificent out of it STILL lies with you?

Freedom to choose our path for ourselves
Freedom is expressed through the choices we make for ourselves.

Life is a piece of clay and you are FREE to decide what you do with the clay you’ve been given.

The freedom to CHOOSE is precious. Choose with care. Use your freedom to create a life worth loving, sharing and perhaps even emulating.

Because possessing freedom is just THE STARTING POINT. Only when you learn to use it well, do you begin to understand what you are truly capable of. Be that person who does.

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