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HAPPINESS is discovering people you can engage in deep conversations with.

A good conversation, like a good meal, both satiates and nourishes our soul.

Bet this post didn’t come as a surprise! If you log on to read my posts everyday, I think you like deep conversations too.:)

I can small talk but it is definitely not something I enjoy. I do not want to talk about the weather or gossip about someone. I don’t like to ask questions that elicit one line answers, I do not wish to indulge in formalities, I do not wish to engage in conversations that lack substance because they are unfulfilling and not worth my time.

We spend so much time on social media scanning each other’s lives and then a lot more texting on WhatsApp. Hashtags are the deal and smileys are meant to express our emotions because we are looking for the fastest and shortest route to have a conversation WITHOUT having one.

It’s not surprising that we are lonelier, more likely to be depressed or anxious and feel isolated. Do you know what’s a great antidote to all of the above?


If you are not willing to sink your feet into the water, you will not be able to experience the warmth that comes once you’ve stayed long enough for your body to acclimatise to the water’s temperature. It’s the same with conversations.

Humans beings have so much to talk about because they have restless and busy minds. It is our nature to share our thoughts, feelings, emotions and more. We want to make memories so we can look back and smile at them. We want to experience togetherness because it gives us a sense of belonging. We want to empty our heart and mind of thoughts occupying them. However, none of these can happen unless we take time out to engage in deep and meaningful conversations.

Please veer away from small talk and get real. Spend some time having real conversations. They’ll warm your heart and leave you feeling happier than endlessly scrolling through your phone does.

Spoken language is a beautiful tool, let’s not forget how to use it and use it well. Let’s talk to each other not through smileys but REAL WORDS. :)

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