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Should you accept your mistakes?

Honesty is still the best policy if you wish to grow rather than being chained to your past.

They say honesty is the best policy and then they (most people if not everyone) lie to your face. Why, then, should you be honest and accept your mistake when you make one?

1) People who’re unable to accept their mistakes are unable to grow as human beings.

When I became a young adult, I realised how foolish it is to not accept our mistake. It means holding on to something even when we know we’re wrong. How will we ever change in such a case?

When you accept your mistake instead of staying stuck in a place that doesn’t serve you, you create space to CHANGE and DO BETTER the next time. Eg Let's say you're creating something with clay and you make a mistake. If you pretend you didn’t and keep going, you’ll end up with a pot shaped differently from the one you hoped for. You’re the potter and your life is the clay. Accept your mistake, embrace change or end up as a deformed pot.

2) It’s a humbling experience that acts as a check on our ego.

It’s humbling to say out loud that we were wrong. It takes courage to apologise because it entails putting our EGO DOWN and letting the other be right. When we accept our mistake and say sorry, we learn to practice humility and let go of our need to

always be right and feel validated.

3) It can HEAL you if you do it with an HONEST heart.

Accepting your mistake can save relationships and heal wounds you’ve caused. Seeking forgiveness is a powerful way to rise from your mistake and continue walking with your head held high. It is only when you don’t accept it and feel ashamed on the inside but must pretend to be right on the outside, that you lose your both self-respect and peace of mind.

Over the years every time I've accepted my mistake, I’ve realised it has made me a better person even if only by a pinch. However, EVERY LITTLE COUNTS. A happy life is not built in a day just like Rome wasn’t.

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