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HAPPINESS is taking a break when you can’t deal with life anymore.

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself.

Life is hard from time to time for every one of us. In fact, if there aren’t any difficulties in your life you might actually be a tad unlucky because where there’s adventure, there’s joy to be found.

Last week was hard on me. A project I was attempting for a second time and had been working on for months produced awful results yet again. It had improved tremendously since my last attempt but was nowhere close to where I had envisioned it to be.

Long story short, I was shattered when I realised how far off I was from my goal. I had put so much time and heart into it that it was hard to not take the result personally. I felt emotionally exhausted and couldn’t bring myself to even focus on mundane tasks. My mind simply shut off.

So I took the weekend off. But before I did that, I asked myself if I really needed time off. I realised that if my stomach was upset or if my eye was infected, I would take the day off to rest. Why shouldn’t the same logic apply to my mind? Isn’t mental health just as important if not more than physical health?

I spent the weekend reading a beautiful book, sleeping and taking walks. And it helped so much.

You see when we have a ‘physical’ problem, it’s visible so we act on it quickly but when it’s a ‘mental’ issue, because it isn’t visible, we neglect it and hope it would go away on its own. Not only is such behaviour irresponsible but also equivalent to being unkind to ourselves. Mind is one of the most important organs of the human body. Why should its problems be less important than those of our other organs?

A holiday should be taken not just when you’re off to a new city or country but also when your mind wants to shut down and be left alone. We are all going to get old, cranky and less functional one day and regret not taking the holidays we deserved.

TAKE THAT HOLIDAY. Treat yourself. Rest yourself. Let your mind know, its health is on your priority list too.

A HAPPY HEART feeds off a HAPPY MIND. USE YOUR HOLIDAYS. And do something for no reason at all other than that it makes you happy but watch the amount of chocolate you consume because you don’t wanna create more problems for yourself.

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