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The path to your dreams begins from wherever you stand presently.

Are you waiting for a good day or an opportunity or a sign or a mentor to begin working towards your dream? This article is the sign, start NOW.

Let me tell you how I spent a good part of my life. I had a dream but I had no idea how to reach for it. I thought there’ll come a day when life will show me ‘how it’s done’ or I will meet someone who’ll teach me ‘how to do it.’ I thought a day will come when I will be ready for it or I’ll find myself in a place where I’ll be able to see the path I need to take.

Guess what happened?

I did not meet that person, I did not reach that place and life did not show me how to do it either. I’m guessing that the above story rings true for many of you as well. You’re waiting for a person/place/time/day/opportunity/something else to help you take the first step towards your dream.

The above is unlikely to happen. If you have a dream you are dying to achieve, the right time to begin is NOW. But you might say you don’t know how to.

My life changed when I realised that not doing anything/waiting around isn’t going to solve my problems. Instead what I had to do was begin by DOING WHATEVER I COULD THINK OF.

If you want to go somewhere and don’t know the route, you don’t keep standing at the same spot forever, do you? You begin walking towards it taking whatever road lies in front of you. When you reach a little further, you realise you may not be on the right track so you change direction accordingly. And then you keep figuring it out.

So whatever your dream is, there is CERTAINLY SOMETHING you can start doing for it. It doesn’t matter how small or irrelevant it might seem, it’s CRUCIAL that you start doing it.

Once you begin, you’ll find clues on how to proceed further and then further and then further ahead.

Your path begins from whichever place you’re CURRENTLY at. Please don’t wait for the right moment or for the path to magically appear before you. You HAVE TO start from wherever you are.

Opportunities will present themselves to you IF you’re doing everything you can, IF you go to bed having done your absolute best, and IF you stop waiting and start acting.

Wake up. Lace up. And take that goddam FIRST STEP.

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