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There’s nothing cooler than kindness, not even God.

Kindness is love. Kindness is cool. Kindness of the universe is what we depend on everyday to stay alive.

Do you know the famous Indian author Ruskin Bond’s story? Ruskin had a lonely childhood because his mother was too engrossed in her own life to spend time with him, to make him feel loved and cared for. His father was constantly on the move due to work and thus, not around much except for a few years when he lived in Delhi. He passed away when Ruskin was barely 10.

Ruskin felt abandoned for a good part of his growing up years. He managed to make a few friends in his school but lost them all during the partition in 1947 and missed them for the rest of his school life. Suffice to say he did not have an easy childhood.

Left to his own devices without toys, books, adult supervision or even children to play with, he made the unlikeliest of friends. At one point it was his loving Ayah while at another it was a crippled old lady. She lent him newspapers and a religious book to read, and fed him ginger biscuits because he visited her more than anyone else did.

He befriended the gardener, the cook and other working men and women who were nice enough to smile at him, let him watch them at work and sometimes help them at it. He used to go watch movies all by himself (at 10 years of age) to get away from home. Once he made a collection of records for the cinema’s owner to play during the breaks and in return the owner gave him permission to watch any movie any day of the week for free.

For a young boy in need of love and affection, a kind word, a smile, a few ginger biscuits or a free movie ticket were enough to make him feel acknowledged and human. Every unexpected act of kindness made a world of difference to his life.

The truth is that his story is just one example of how much people are in need of love, attention, a helping hand, a smile, and a hug amongst other things. We can’t ever guess what the person sitting across to us goes through in their life.

KINDNESS can’t solve people’s problems but it can give them a reason to go on.

Kindness is truly a CURRENCY of HAPPINESS that you have the power to give to someone else. I don’t know anything that’s COOLER than KINDNESS is, not even GOD.

Let’s be KIND, let’s be MORE HUMAN.

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