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What should you tell yourself when your world collapses?

When you have hit your lowest low, remind yourself that now the only way to go is up.

The precursor could be a break-up or a death or a big failure or losing something you worked very hard for. Sometimes many of these happen simultaneously and leave you feeling convinced that you’ll never recover from the pain, embarrassment, heartache and hopelessness you feel. You become desperate to move forward but don’t know how.

Following are things I’ve told myself on different occasions to get through (and that you can tell your defeated self):

1) Every day feels like a struggle but there will come a day when I will look back and feel so grateful for what I’m going through right now. A time will come when I will have overcome these challenges and will be able to proudly sport the lessons learned as badges. A time will come when my future self will be proud of my present self. Such a day will come.

2) I may not be able to get up right now and that’s okay but I will try again tomorrow. If I am unable to get back up tomorrow, I will try again the day after and the day after that until the day arrives when I succeed in getting back up. There is no one out there who can keep me here because I am the writer of my fate.

3) Thank you for bringing me to this point, Universe (or God). I don’t know whether I possess the strength and courage to get through the days and months to come but I believe that you will give me enough strength and courage to cross over from this side to the other. You created the problem and you will create the solution. I put my faith in you to carry me through these times and I know you will not disappoint your child.

4) I'm not sure what you are here to teach me this time, pain but please know whatever it is, I am ready. I am exhausted and have no intention to fight or resist so take me under your wings and help me learn. I promise to do my best.

No failure is permanent, no struggle lasts forever and the best part about hitting a low that feels like the end of the world is that after that point, THE ONLY WAY TO GO IS UP. Irrespective of which pit you find yourself in, look up at the sky and appreciate the view from down there because no one else can see what you can and tell yourself, a new future awaits.

#mindset #perspective #struggle

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