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Why do the things that happen to you happen?

Why do we suffer? Why do we undergo struggles throughout our life? Why does life occur the way it does?

I’ll not get into who deserves what. However, I will say this, nothing that happens in this universe is random. Everything that comes about does so for a REASON. 

An anecdote from my life: Last week I discovered someone does something I put a lot of work into much better than me although he started doing it much later. It broke my heart a little to acknowledge it (i.e. to compare myself with him and fall way short). I used the story to write a post on Joy Flower. The person I had compared myself to had no clue about my thoughts and feelings. I barely even know him.

When the post on Joy Flower was published, THE SAME PERSON messaged me, “I’ve been struggling; really needed to read this. Thank you.”

It blew my socks off. No kidding. The person who had made me feel sorry for myself was the one telling me he had been feeling sorry for himself because he had been comparing himself to others! Was his messaging me a coincidence? NOPE.

Now let me tell you how you can begin to DISCOVER THE REASON behind why things that happen to you happen.

STEP 1: Stop asking the universe/God questions out of anger or pain because when you’re angry or in pain, you’re so attached to your emotions that you’re unable to see answers that exist right in front of you.

STEP 2: Assume that whatever (difficult/heartbreaking) happened had to happen and ask the universe/God, WHY DID IT HAPPEN? By letting go of ‘ME’ in the question, you step out of your personal universe and open yourself up to answers of questions that weigh you down. The answers may not come immediately but if you stay HUMBLE, they will. THEY HAVE TO.

Because we are so deeply CONNECTED to the universe that everything the universe knows, we know too. Unfortunately we saddle our light with baggage acquired during our life.

If you stay humble and open, the universe guides you through every turn you take and every roadblock you encounter. The answers arise from YOUR HEART & MIND which are but channels for the universe to speak to you.

Are you listening?

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