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Habits for happiness

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Habits play a decisive role not only on the journey to success but also to happiness. A habit constitutes an action that makes a small difference in the short-term but a monumental one in the long-term. They give direction to your thoughts, provide you a system to follow and produce the results you seek in your daily life.

The right habits enhance your mood, bolster your physical, mental and emotional health, make you more productive and allow you to get the most out of your life. 


Incorporate the following habits to fully experience and savour life in the present and simultaneously build up emotional capital for times when things look less bright:


  1. Do something you love EVERY DAY (for 30-60 minutes or longer). The activity you choose must engage you actively as opposed to passively (e.g. watching TV).

  2. Practice gratitude (list 3 things you’re grateful for before going to bed every night). Being aware and acknowledging the good things happening in your life shapes your perspective and leads to production of endorphins, chemicals released by the brain that make us feel happy.

  3. Work towards a goal (big or small). The potential of achieving something meaningful keeps the human mind engaged and has tremendous mental health benefits.

  4. Spend time with people who love and support you. Close and fulfilling relationships give us a sense of belonging which becomes a source of security, comfort and joy that can only come from knowing you’re loved.


​Are pleasure, happiness and joy the same thing? Find out here:

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