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I’m passionate about personal development and have spent many years of my life consciously working on personal growth. Along the way I've made mistakes and failed plenty but it is on the same journey that I've acquired lessons which I now use to teach The Art of Happiness. 


My content is rich in examples borrowed from my own life which make it authentic, easy to relate to and practise. I use stories that demonstrate before and after, present fresh perspectives on conventional topics and set out clear and actionable steps to proactively create happiness.





1. How to make your success sustainable and fulfilling


Many people experience a lot of success but not much happiness or contentment. A success that doesn’t fulfil also leads to an existential crisis or a nagging feeling that ‘something is missing in my life.’ What is that something that’s going to give you peace of mind?


Find out how to retain your success without burning out and experience happiness, a feeling that cannot be bought irrespective of the size of your bank account.



2. The journey from loneliness to happiness


We live in a world that is more open, accessible and full of opportunities to connect with people than ever before yet time and again data collected by various organisations has shown that loneliness has grown and people feel more isolated than they did before. Mental illnesses are on a steep rise as well. 


How does one protect their emotional and mental health, and create joy if they feel lonely? Learn practical ways to connect with yourself and others, and lead a happier life.




3. Let go of your past by finding meaning in your suffering


So many people are attached to a past they cannot access anymore but still yearn for. Some, on the other hand, would rather forget it but their pain ties them to a time that has long passed. Either way, to experience happiness means to be present and for that letting go is necessary.


Discover a meaning to your suffering and learn to let go.





4. The grass is always greener on YOUR side; a talk on the power of perspective



If there is one thing you can change which will immediately alter how you feel irrespective of how challenging life is at the time, it is the perspective you choose for yourself.


This isn’t just positive thinking, this is about digging deep to uncover what lies at the heart of every crisis or challenge you face and coming out with a new mindset. A change of perspective can lead to a paradigm shift in your approach and give you the push you need to go on. It applies to individuals as much as it does to organisations of all sizes.


Acquire the skill of choosing the right perspective and developing a mindset for growth.




5. The journey to happiness through self-discovery


What do you want from life? More importantly, why do you want whatever you want? 

The answer to question number two is more important than the answer to number one. 


If you wish to lead a happy life, there’s one person you need to understand well, YOU. Let me take you on a journey that will challenge your dreams, your goals and the conditioned mind you think is your own and help you see that happiness is accessible if you allow your most innate needs to surface and learn to follow your heart.




6. How our unique values and habits shape our happiness



Everyone wants to be happy but how do you go about finding happiness for yourself? 


Your values impact your behaviour by influencing your intentions. You move from intention to action via the path of habits cultivated over your lifetime. 


To put it simply, values and habits are the fundamental blocks of human behaviour and play an indispensable role in shaping our life experiences and the happiness we derive from them. To build a happy life, you must choose the right building blocks. 


Learn about which blocks to pick and how to use them to build the life you aspire for.


For speaking engagements, contact me here. 

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