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Work towards a goal that matters

Let me begin by acknowledging that a goal isn't necessary to experience happiness. You can live in the present, find joy in simple things and still be happy. Happiness comes and goes anyway, nothing can help you keep it in your life forever.




More times than you can count, you’ll fall, fail, feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, and heartbroken. Happiness will seem distant and inaccessible, what will help you get back up? 





A book that talks about making your dreams come true.

Whether you're a monk or a student or a stay-at-home dad or a retiree, a goal is for everyone. Because you’re expected to make so many decisions every day, it's not easy to figure out what to do. Confusion, a large number of options, and social pressures don't make life easy. 


You can make things simpler by choosing a goal. A goal is like a light that guides you no matter what. When times are good, it gives you a clear path to walk upon and channelise your energy into, and when things go south, it gives you a point of focus to anchor yourself to and get through life, in turn helping you find happiness again.





I would say begin with any kind of goal. In an ideal scenario, it will be a long-term goal that will tie into what you want from life and you’ll be able to break it up into smaller short-term goals.


If you don't have a long-term goal, don't worry about it. Begin with something small and simple, and life will guide you as you go.


However, your goal must meet the following criteria to keep you engaged:*


  1. It should be a clear-cut goal so you know what you’re aiming to do and how you’re going to realise it

  2. It should neither be easy nor too difficult. It should challenge you (your present skillset) but be achievable. 

  3. There needs to be a way to receive feedback in some form (sooner than later) so you can gauge how you're doing and push yourself accordingly.





Find a goal that matters to you. Find something, anything that matters to you, make a goal and work on it. 


An engaged mind is a hundred times more likely to be happier than a mind getting through life without a sense of direction. Take charge of your life and CREATE your happy.



* (Reference: Flow by Mihály Csikszentmihalyi)

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